Hi folks,

I am new to this forum but wish I had found out about it before I ordered Sky broadband.

My query/problem is this..
I was with freeserve/wanadoo/orange for 5 years and never had any broadband issues of note, but when i saw sky offering broadband for 5 a month I thought "can't be bad at that". I informed my father about this and told him if he wanted cheap broadband to order sky broadband, as that's what I was for doing. He signed up on the 23rd february, and I signed up on the 2nd March (after obtaining a MAC code from orange). His line was activated on the 6th march. However by the 10th March he had no internet connection and as he has only a small grasp of all things computer and internet I called tech support on his behalf. It was only after threatening to cancel did tier 1 escalate the problem and by the 13th march he was up and running with a 6mb connection on a 8mb line... That is a rare success story going by the other horror stories on here

Now to my problem..
Because of all the phone calls to tech support on my father's behalf, I thought I can't be bothered with this 'crap'.. why should I change over from a perfectly good bb supplier (orange) to ******** like this, where I will be out a fortune on phone calls to tech support, so on the 9th March I phoned Sky to cancel my broadband order. I was told that I would have to wait until my line is activated before I can cancel...... ... The woman I was speaking to put in a cancellation request to BT but told me it would take 4 to 14 days to go through. She also refunded my 20 activation fee, which in hindsight seems to contradict what she told me about having to wait for my line to be activated!!! before cancelling..

Anyway, as of 19th March I have now lost my orange connection (I am dial up writing this) and when I check my order status on BT there is an ADSL cease order on it and they say it will be completed by 26th March.

Does this mean that the cease order is for my orange broadband service, the sky order, or my BT line?? and can I order broadband with a new provider or will I have to wait until after the 26th. The woman from sky told me that once my cancellation order is processed by BT I am free to find a new broadband provider and I won't need a MAC code from Sky as my line will be clear..

Can someone who is clued up on this or has had a similar story please tell me if what she is saying is true or just more ********. Just out of curiosity I entered the MAC code I received from orange into the virgin broadband service web page and it said MAC code accepted.. Does this mean Sky never used the MAC code? (The MAC code is valid until 28th March). I am really confused and need educated about this whole broadband scene before I make anymore mistakes.

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated..