Just curious if anyone has been able to use the TP Link w9970v2 as a replacement modem on SKY FTTC?

I seem to run into line issues with the er115 router that was provided, two openreach engineers been out in the space of a month nothing found on the line (actually syncs way better than is expected) a line reset brings the speed back up to about 76/20. They suggested maybe the problem is the er115, phones sky and they cant get me the newer "better" model without paying 5/month which I'm not willing to do as I just got back to sky with the black friday deal to save money.

SKY is sending out a replacement er115, but was thinking it might be better getting my TP link on instead it was pretty solid on my old Plusnet line but not sure if it supports the DHCP 61 option.

Hopefully someone can advise if it is possible or not.