I wanted to stick with my pricy ASUS RT-AC5300 router, rather than replace it with the Sky ER110 router they sent me. As this took me quite a while to sort out, I thought I would share how I have it set up and working, for anyone else wanting to do similar.

  1. You must have the Merlin firmware loaded on your ASUS router. Don't worry - it is permitted by ASUS, and probably even recommended! Without this, you can't use the router on Sky. Get it here - https://www.asuswrt-merlin.net. Make sure you download the correct version for your model. If it ain't there - forget any chance of using your ASUS modem on Sky.
  2. Go onto the WAN page and enter the following which works. Change details if you wish but this is proven to get you on:

Name Setting Notes
WAN Connection Type Automatic IP
Enable WAN Yes
Enable NAT Yes
Enable UPnP Yes
Enable secure UPnP mode Yes
UPNP: Allowed internal port range 1024 to 65535
UPNO: Allowed external port range 1 to 65535
Connect to DNS Server automatically Yes
Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS No
Enable DNS Rebind protection No
Enable DNSSEC support No
Prevent client auto DoH Auto
DNS Privacy protocol None
Authentication None Important!
Host Name Leave blank
WAN MTU 1500
Mac Address MAC address of your Sky ER100
DHCP query frequency Aggressive Mode
Manual client (Option 61) <Er100 Mac address>@skydsl|<1234567> You MUST have the Merlin firmware to be able to enter this field. Don't enter the < > characters! Not sure if the actual Mac address or password matter as long as you have the @skydsl text and then the |delimiter in the middle. If you want to be sure, get your password as described here -
Manual Vendor class (Option 60) Leave blank
Extend the TTL value No
Spoof LAN TTL value Yes

That should do it. Good luck.