As per the title, I've been on Sky Broadband Fibre (standard version) for 10+ years, have always had sync speeds of 40000mpbs down, 10000mbps up. Recently contacted Sky to get another tie-in on the TV package and the discounts that come with being tied in, and was offered an upgrade to the faster Fibre Max broadband package.

Now, when I was on the old service and got the 40000/10000 sync speeds, would always give me around 35 down / 8 up. I was happy with this. Now I've been 'upgraded' to Max, my sync has stabilised at 63000 down / 18000 up, my upstream speedtest comes in at around 11 or 12 (not dissatisfied with that, I don't really upload anything anyway), but my download speedtest is consistently between 10 and 13 - usually coming in slower than my upload speed!!

Needless to say I am definitely not happy about this, is this likely due to some kind of traffic profiling by Sky? None of the equipment has changed, I've run tests cabled to the router to rule out WiFi issues, and I ran a test the day I arranged the upgrade (but before I was actually upgraded) to make sure that I had a valid reference speed to compare, and it was the same 35/8 as I'd always got.

Thanks in advance for any perspective on this.