i have recently switch to sky fibre broadband and the sky hub.

I have a strange problem that is seriously annoying and I would love it if someone could help me solve it!

When I try to airplay mirror my mac to Apple TV (eg to stream a video from mac HD) it will work fine for anywhere reform a few seconds to a few minutes, but then cause the sky hub to totally drop out. By drop out I mean all lights go out, then flashing amber internet light, requiring a manual push of the reset button.

I have had no problems airplay from iPad or phone to the ATV. I have no problems gaming or streaming video, it's just the combo of mac airplay to ATV 'crashes' the sky hub, as if it's exceeding bandwidth or something and can't cope.m

This happens even though the mac and Apple TV are both hard wired by Ethernet into the sky hub, via powerline adapters in the case of the mac.

Any help would be massively appreciated