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    I知 confused about ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC

    This is a discussion on I知 confused about ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC within the Sky Broadband exchange information forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi All I知 a little confused about ADSL , ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC and how this affects me. ...

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      I知 confused about ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC

      Hi All

      I知 a little confused about ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC and how this affects me. I work from home a lot and need to be logged on to the head office VPN and internet connection speeds are important for me to work effectively.

      Here are my Belkin N1 router stats:
      		Down		Up
      SNR (dB):	7.5		9.5
      Attn(dB):	62.5		39.3
      Pwr(dBm):	0.7		12.6
      Max(Kbps):	2232		484
      Rate (Kbps):	2045		414
      As you can see, I have high attenuation and a low download speed. I知 getting confusing information from various websites about what I can potentially receive in terms of packages and speeds.

      Broadband Speed Checker reports that I am 1831 meters from my exchange (I assume it痴 as the crow flies) and the maximum I can get is 3Mbps on standard ADSL. It also reports that ADSL2+ technology is available and I could get the up to 24Mbps which I doubt very much., which a friend highly recommends (especially as he gets 20Mbps+) reports that my line will support a potential ADSL Max broadband line rate of 2.5Mbps or greater

      Finally, Samknows Broadband - High Wycombe (SMHY) Exchange reports that my exchange has been upgraded to 21CN WBC status as of 31/03/2009.

      I致e tried upgrading from the Sky Mid to the Sky Max package online but I get an error message saying that it not available for me.

      I called sky yesterday (on hold for 45mins) and asked them the following questions:
      - Was I on standard ADSL or ADSL2+?
      - Can I upgrade to the Max package?
      - Could upgrading to Max improve my speed
      - Is there a cooling off period if I didn稚 get any improved speed from Sky Max?
      - How does the recent 21CN WBC upgrade at my exchange affect me?

      They can me a load of woolly waffle. They couldn稚 tell me if I was on ADSL or ADSL2+. Apparently, I can upgrade to the Max package but its unlikely it would make any difference in terms of speed. And they have no idea how the 21CN upgrade would affect me.

      I知 hoping that the experts (i.e. you guys) can clear up the some of the confusion I知 experiencing. The long and the short of it all is that I need greater connection speeds anything better than the 2Mbps I知 currently getting. Do I change my ISP or sit and wait it out in hope that the speeds will improve?



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      Re: I知 confused about ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC

      21CN is just equipment updates in the exchange and will have little impact on your connection to be honest as you are on the Sky equipment and not on the BT equipment. Upgrading to Max will make little difference to your line speed, your attenuation will govern your line speed and that will not change just because you upgrade your package.
      You should be on adsl 2+ as that is what Sky run on the line, there is a possibility of being on GDMT but someone can check your stats and give you a better idea on that.

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      Re: I知 confused about ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC

      Your line attenuation of 62 shows that your line is very long between your house and the exchange, it doesn't matter how close you are to the exchange as your line could literally go around the houses before it gets to the exchnage.

      Get a set of stats from the test socket to see if you have any problems with your internal wiring, but I doubt you will see any sorts of speed that your friend does (unless you internal wiring is very bad)

      As for moving ISP you will see similar speeds no matter ISP you go to because your attenuation is dictating that speed.
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      Re: I知 confused about ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ and 21CN WBC

      Just a guess really, but I think it is on G.DMT. The standard upload for ADSL2+ on Mid would be 412, so it looks like G.DMT and can't quite reach the maximum of 416. Could be wrong though.
      Experience shows that ADSL2+ struggles with a very long line, which this is, moving to it would probably reduce the speed.

      If you depend on your line for your livelihood, then Sky is not the ISP for you. They specifically exclude business use and state their network is for domestic use only. You will probably not get any more speed from another ISP, but you may find one which will guaruntee your stability for work use.


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