SKY TV Users Offered 3 Months FREE Sky Broadband and Phone Test Drive - ISPreview UK
Existing customers of Sky’s TV packages are being offered an extra incentive to take out the operator’s Sky Broadband Unlimited and phone package, with subscribers being allowed the option to “test drive” / “Try Before You Buy” the service free for the first 3 months of service.

Customers who opt for the “test drive” will not have to make any commitment and won’t have to pay any a set-up or line rental costs (except for the cost of calls of course). According to Sky’s website, “if you’re not happy within 3 months you can leave without paying a thing” (any advance charge for the subsequent period that has been taken will be credited to your Sky account or refunded within 45 days).

Apparently this deal only applies to Sky TV customers who switch their broadband, calls and line rental to Sky. Standard prices will apply after 3 months (i.e. Sky Broadband Unlimited costs £7.50 per month and line rental £16.40) and the promotion isn’t available with any other offers, so the 3 months of free service is your lot. The promotion is expected to last until 20th November 2014.

But it should be remembered that there may still be costs and downtime in switching away to another ISP if you choose not to keep Sky’s service (e.g. inbound migration fees etc.), which can vary between providers (these costs will come from the gaining ISP and not Sky).