We have a 12,000 Counter-Strike: Source tournament which is shaping up to be yet another legendary i-Series CS:S competition.

Next up is the 6,000 Call of Duty 4 tournament - will players be too distracted by Call of Duty: World at War on the Activision stand? Who knows!

Moving on there's our 2,000 Halo 3 tournament. This is an Xbox 360 tournament so you can play so long as you have at least a weekend visitors ticket.

EA have been especially busy the past couple of days and have gone for a double kill with a 2,500 FIFA 09 Xbox 360 tournament and a 2,500 Battlefield 2 competition on the PC.

As with Halo 3, anyone with at least a weekend visitors ticket (or a BYOC / TUP ticket of course) can enter the FIFA 09 tournament. You'll need to buy your ticket before registering - you can't just turn up on the day!

Don't forget our Team Fortress 2 tournament either - with our sliding scale prize structure if it's popular enough the prize fund could go up to thousands!

All of our tournaments are about playing for fun, some of them just happen to have very large sums of money attached to them! Other tournaments are really all about the fun though as if you win then you win... well, not very much (read: nothing). You win bragging rights which should be enough!

Our fun tournaments this time round are:

Company of Heroes
Defence of the Ancients
Guitar Hero III (again, another that visitors can enter)
Racedriver: GRID
UT99 (old as the hills!)
World in Conflict