One of the great success stories to come from our large community of late has been our immensely popular "pickup" channels for popular games like CoD4, TF2 and UT. We have just added CS:S to the family of pickup channels and it's making huge waves already.

CS:Source has already hit 1,100 games and has barely been running for more than a couple of weeks - not surprising since our Call of Duty 4 pickup channel has played over 13,000 games (that's over 520,000 minutes of CoD4 - almost a whole years worth, non-stop) and used by 10,000 different people. It's obvious our guys are doing something right!

So what is it exactly? It's essentially a matchmaking system - you tell a bot that you want to join a game and it puts you in an open queue, finds more people who want to play and then creates a server for you with a password. Neat huh?

You can find our channels on the Quakenet IRC network (you'll need a client such as mIRC to join) and we have the following channels running: