EA have been one of the most steadfast supporters of the i-Series. Bringing something new to every event, they have never failed to impress the crowds that they inevitably draw. Contributing tens of thousands of pounds in prize money over the years, they are one of the biggest supporters of the UK gaming scene and are responsible for many of our most successful tournaments. For M Festival EA are really pulling out the stops and seeking to out-do themselves tenfold...

Battlefield Heroes is a new way of developing - and paying for - games. It is free to download and play and looks set to rival the mighty TF2 as Battlefield takes it's biggest step away from it's tried and tested formula.

You can get a first look at Battlefield Heroes at M Festival.

Due for release in September, EA are bringing along Will Wright's Spore. This mind blowing game is on a scope never before attempted and should have quite a crowd gathering to see it at M Festival. You can also download the Creature Creator demo from our fileserver in the meantime!

A UK exclusive look at Fifa 2009 is coming to the M Festival - never before shown to the UK public, you could be amongst the first to see the latest in the greatest football series ever made.

Don't forget to check out the Fifa 2008 tournament in the World Cyber Games if you're a Fifa fanatic.

Crysis Warhead is the next instalment in one of last years biggest titles and some of the sweetest eye candy around. In Crysis Warhead, players will don the Nanosuit of Sergeant Sykes, also known as ?Psycho?, one of the most memorable characters from Crysis.

More brash and aggressive than his Delta Force squadmate Nomad, players will experience Psycho?s parallel story during the events of the original game, finding that life on the other side of the island is even more intense and explosive than they ever could have imagined.

You can find all this and much more on the M Festival EA page.