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    Conversation Between James67 and sparkie415

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    1. Hi james .I am contacting you because you seem to have the answer to everything. I am a new member so forgive me if i am not supposed to contact you direct.
      My problem is the router sky supplied sagem has limited range.At present it is set up in the extension and the signal has to go through 12 inch walls,which it does but not far.I have tried moving the router to another position ,this then reaches the other rooms but not the extension.
      How can i get over this problem ?.
      Can i fit a second sagem router connecting a cat 5e cable from the first router to the second one and not connect the adsl to the second one.
      I can lay my hands on a D - Link DSL-2740B N router if that is any good,or is there some sort of signal booster that would do the job .I can see your a very busy man.So if you get time to help it would be greatly appreciated
      Many thanks.
      p.s i am only talking about a three bedroom bungalow range wise.
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