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    Conversation Between gorebrush and tarsins

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    1. Ah, Tondu - you practically were living in the exchange then

      Yeah, sorry it was a while ago - I only saw your reply to my original thread the other day lol
    2. Blimey, Aberkenfig was a while ago. I'm living in Llanelli now, on a meagre 5 Mb.
      I was living in Derllwyn Close, Tondu when I was getting my 16 Mb.
      I miss it :-(
    3. Hi there

      How are you doing?

      I've just looked an old thread where you reckon you've got 16Mb rock solid on my exchange (Aberkenfig) - I live in Hazel Mead, where were you?

      I'm getting really fed up with BT Broadband now (Wifes choice from before I lived with her). We get the full 8Mb sync rate, but the actual throughput is 3Mb. I've tried 2 routers, wireless/wired direct to router.. etc etc..

      I believe it's just ****ty BT Broadband

      If you can confirm where you were before then I can decide whether to drop BT and go for Sky. BT Inifinity is supposed to be coming in September, and that reckons it'll offer 39Mb for my line........ :| But if the actual service is like BT Broadband............
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