Hi all,

Does anyone know how to set up a Sky Sagem router and an Apple Airport (TC or Extreme) so that the Guest Network feature can be enabled?

Apple state that the Airport needs to be performing DHCP & NAT and must be sharing a public IP address via DHCP for client computers in order to enable the Guest Network feature.

So far I've read threads on here which suggest 2 methods for allowing the Airport to perform DHCP & NAT.

1) DMZ the Airport on the Sagem whilst disabling DHCP on the Sagem; or
2) Enable DHCP on the Sagem but restrict the addresses to itself and the Airport.

However, both methods seem to result in:
a) Double NAT which causes some issues for me; and
b) It doesn't seem to share the public IP with the Airport, thereby preventing use of the Guest Network feature.

Has anyone found a way around this?