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DETAILS of latest breach confirms even more Yahoo user accounts were accessed by outside parties in the past two years.

Yahoo has revealed more details about the latest troubling cyber-attack to affect its business in recent months.

The company has confirmed that millions of Yahoo user account were hit by outside sources in breaches occuring over the past two years.

The latest attacks are separate to the incidents that saw over a billion Yahoo user accounts compromised, but still raise yet more worrying questions about the company’s security practices.

Yahoo first uncovered the breach, which affected users of its Yahoo Mail service, last month, and now believes that around 32 million user accounts were affected.

Hackers apparently used forged cookies that could have allowed intruders to access Yahoo user accounts without needing a password.

The company said some of the latest intrusions can be connected to the "same state-sponsored actor believed to be responsible for the 2014 breach", in which at least 500 million accounts were affected.

"Based on the investigation, we believe an unauthorised third party accessed the company's proprietary code to learn how to forge certain cookies," Yahoo said in its latest annual filing.

The news is the latest major security issue to affect Yahoo in recent months as the online giant looks to safeguard its users' accounts.

Last September, the company revealed that “at least” 500 million users may have had their details stolen in 2013, with ‘state-sponsored’ hackers reportedly to blame.

However, this was then dwarfed also by the later disclosure that over a billion Yahoo user accounts were affected in a separate breach which reportedly took place in 2014, but was not disclosed until last year.

The breach could have led to the names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords, as well as security questions and answers, being accessed.

However the company assured customers that no financial information had been compromised.

The news comes as Yahoo continues to finalise its ongoing acquisition deal by US telecoms and media giant Verizon.

Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo’s core business last year for around $4.8 billion, with the deal set to go through later this year.

However multiple reports have suggested that Yahoo’s ongoing security issues have resulted in a renegotiated deal knocking around $350 million off this price.

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