BT Openreach Offer UK ISPs an FTTC Simultaneous Provide Discount - ISPreview UK
Internet providers that wish to sell Openreach’s (BT) FTTCfibre broadband” product alongside a newly order copper line (WLR or unbundled MPF), which is better known as a Simultaneous (SIM) Provide, will soon be able to benefit from a £49 +vat discount.

Apparently the discount, which will only be available via eligible FTTC / VDSL street cabinets (only ISPs can see those that qualify), is due to begin on 23rd May and will then run until 22nd November 2016. The offer is also only applicable to WLR and MPF new provides, as well as the Start of Stopped lines that are more than 90 days old.

Openreach will charge providers the full FTTC connection price as set out in their Price List (e.g. a normal FTTC Self Install is £49 or £32.52 for starting a previously stopped line) and will then credit ISPs the charge of £49 on the subsequent bill.

As usual it remains the ISPs choice as to whether or not such savings are passed on to new subscribers, although in the past some have used these offers to make more attractive “free connection” style promotions for their packages.