ISP PlusNet Launch Faster Hub Zero 2704n Broadband Router - Full Specs - ISPreview UK
Low cost ISP PlusNet appears to have quietly introduced a new wireless broadband router for their new customers in the United Kingdom, which is called the Hub Zero (Sagemcom 2704n) and curiously does not come with an integrated VDSL modem for superfast FTTC broadband lines (i.e. you still need to use Openreach’s supplied VDSL modem via a managed install).

The router, which appears designed to replace PlusNet’s previous Technicolor 582n kit, is a modern but still fairly bog standard 4-port (100Mbps LAN) device with an integrated ADSL modem. Never the less PlusNet does say that their new kit is intended to be used with both ADSL and FTTCfibre broadband” connections.

On the PR front PlusNet claims that the Hub Zero uses 40% less energy than their Technicolor 582n, is a faster performer and also meets the new European rules for power consumption when on standby. After a quick prod we were also able to get our hands on some more detailed specifications, although it’s nothing impressive next to the kit that BT, TalkTalk, EE and Virgin Media have been putting out for the past 6-12 months.

PlusNet Hub Zero 2704n – Specification List

Manufacturer / Model

Sagemcom 2704N ADSL 2/2+


Broadcom 6318 333MHz MIPS32®


Integrated Gigabit switch with 4 x 10/100 (Fast not Gig) ports

Wi-Fi Chip

Broadcom 43217T

Wi-Fi Standard

802.11 B/G/N (2.4GHz 2 x 2)

Ethernet WAN Interface

Port 4 can be used as a WAN interface in FTTC mode

Power Consumption

3.4W FTTC – 3.8W ADSL (average)

Generally we’d say that PlusNet’s kit is comparable to Sky Broadband’s similarly bog standard Sky Hub SR101 (note: Sky also has an SR102 with VDSL integrated), as highlighted by the lack of Gigabit Ethernet ports and 5GHz WiFi. Similarly the WiFi only goes up to ‘N’ spec, while most of the other big ISPs have since started to ship even faster gigabit capable ‘AC’ spec WiFi devices. Plus there are no USB ports.

PlusNet said that the ADSL version of their new router will also ship with one Microfilter (plus the usual power/DSL cables) and, from early February 2015, they will be able to give customers more Microfilters if they need them, free of charge.

Apparently the official launch date for the new Plusnet branded routers was 13th January 2015 and the ISP said that they’ll still be sending out some Technicolor routers for 2-3 weeks after that as they process in-flight orders. Hard luck if you ordered during the transition period, although this is a common practice among ISPs.

Finally, PlusNet told that the reason they haven’t put VDSL inside the new device for their FTTC subscribers is because it would be too expensive for them to do right now, especially since their systems don’t yet have the capability to do Openreach Self-Installs (PCP Only).