Ofcom Propose Code Powers for Hyperoptic to Expand UK FTTP Broadband - ISPreview UK
The communications regulator has today proposed to grant Code Powers to Hyperoptic, which would make it simpler for them (e.g. easier approval for street works) to roll-out their 1Gbps capable fibre optic broadband (FTTB) network into more cities around the United Kingdom.

Regular readers might recall that Hyperoptic recently confirmed plans to expand the reach of their Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB) network beyond London and into three new “hypercities”, which include locations in Cardiff, Bristol and Reading (here).

The ISP typically focuses on connecting multi-dwelling units and office blocks in high density urban areas, although their application for Code Powers also confirms that they still intend to deliver “HD TV, Video on demand, Sky Player and VOIP based phone lines” in the future (a TV service has long been mooted). Hyperoptic believes that the powers will also help them to carry out the installation of its in-building network in a “more coordinated fashion“.
Ofcoms Statement

Ofcom considers that granting the Applicant Code powers would benefit the public as the network will serve retail and ultimately wholesale customers and is likely to increase competition in the provision of various broadband services in parts of the United Kingdom in the future.
The impact of implementing the proposal is likely to be low since any costs to those affected by the Applicant’s use of Code powers are likely to be outweighed by the benefits.”
As usual Ofcom has opened a brief consultation for responses, which is expected to close on 31st March 2014. Such applications are rarely rejected or opposed by rival ISPs.