Ofcom Refine New UK Phone and Broadband ISP Switching Proposal - ISPreview UK
The UK telecoms regulator has today made a few changes to its initial August 2013 proposal (here), which set out the introduction of a simpler and more reliable method for helping consumers to migrate between different broadband and phone providers.

Readers might recall that Ofcom has decided to adopt a Gaining Provider-Led (GPL) switching process (many ISPs already do something similar) that will put most of the power into the hands of your new provider instead of the old / losing (Losing Provider-Led LPL) one.

But since then the regulator has been continuing to consult with ISPs and this has today resulted in a number of changes to further help clarify their proposed approach. For example, the requirement to state the time of the migration in the Notification of Transfer letter to consumers has now been removed.

In addition, Ofcom intends to extend the timescale for the implementation of their harmonised GPL switching process from 12 to 18 months (this phase includes the discontinuation of the LPL MAC code process for broadband switches). A run-down of the other changes can be found below (changes are listed on the right).

[Copy of page from report]

Ofcom added that they were also still considering whether it would be appropriate to extend the switching processes to include other technologies and networks (e.g. cable and FTTH/P lines). The regulator plans to publish details and timelines for carrying out further work in this area in spring 2014.

Meanwhile consumers will probably have to wait until later in 2015 before the final system is fully implemented.

Ofcoms Switching Consultation GPL NoT+ Amendments (PDF)
Ofcom | Consumer Switching