thinkbroadband :: UK average broadband speed rises to 12 Mbps
In a world where bad news travels fast, it is nice to have some good news and that is that as more people gain access to superfast broadband services, more people are buying them and this is having an impact on the average speed of broadband across the UK. Ofcom in its latest broadband performance round-up is showing that in the six months to November 2012 the average has risen from 9 Mbps to 12 Mbps.

The difference in speeds between the up to 30 Mbps products and those that are sold as faster than this is very striking. What is of particular importance for those in areas outside the roughly two thirds of the UK which has a choice of one or more superfast service is that the ADSL and ADSL2+ products are not changing in speed. You could draw the conclusion from the data that speeds on the slower products are getting worse, but this is largely attributed to the demographics of those left on the slower services, i.e. those on long telephone lines and rural areas.

The battle between the technologies continues and with Virgin Media forming the sole cable provider in the testing, and Sky and TalkTalk's Fibre products not figuring in this round of testing, this chart is a comparison of BT Retail versus Virgin Media...
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