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    Information On Improving PS3/Online Performance

    This is a discussion on Information On Improving PS3/Online Performance within the Gaming on Sky forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Yo peeps here is some info i have found on the net from different sites forums and other places. I ...

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      Information On Improving PS3/Online Performance

      Yo peeps here is some info i have found on the net from different sites forums and other places. I have tried all of these tweaks and settings and i must say my game play and even my pc have a much better internet connection for example: When i used to search for lobbies on Mw3 i would always find games on 75-100ms even 125 sometimes. Since i applied all of these settings and tweaks i now get straight in on 50ms games and i get no hit markers people die instant . Just have a read through below and try the settings and if you feel it has not helped you you can just change them back but im pretty sure you will see a change for the good.

      First lets start out with the PS3 itself.

      1 - If your Hard Drive is getting full then you might want to delete some files or buy a bigger drive, of course this won't do much, but I have noticed that when I have my PS3 loaded with games and data my PS3 won't run as smoothly as a clean one. Also disable your PS3's screen saver, this will not really help much, but the screen saver uses a internal counter that is counting the time for when the screen saver will show, so disabling this feature should reduce your CPU usage, but it is so little that it probably won't change performance, but it is one less operation your PS3 must calculate; which can only help.

      2- Delete your internal data(junk) that your PS3 collects when using the internet browser. In the XMB - Go to settings, system settings and delete the "Predictive Text Dictionary" this is the data that is saved every time you type a word in the internet browser. You then want to got to the Internet Browser and delete all Cookies, Cache, Address History, and Authentication Information. Then delete your website history as well. Next delete all of your messages on you PS3. Note: that most of these settings only hold kbs of data which is almost nothing, but they are junk files that when added up over time might slow down your PS3. Doing this has removed basically all the junk files on your PS3.

      3 - There is not many Network or Internet tweaks but there are some. Go to system settings and turn the "Display What's New" setting to "OFF". This will stop the internet from downloading the information for it. In Network settings make sure you set Media Server to "OFF" this is the most important tweak to do. Make sure you have UPnP Enabled, and give your PS3 a DHCP Host name, this will help identify the PS3 when configuring your PS3 with the router. I would strongly recommend going wired directly from router to PS3. Going wired decreases latency by a little, gives your PS3 a faster response time, and increase your overall bandwidth quality. If going wireless make sure you have signal strength of at least 80-100% any lower might not be a problem, but if outgoing packets from router don't reach the PS3 this can cause the PS3 to re-ask for that packet and the router must send it again, this can cause network errors, lag, and disconnect in games. Also when signed in try to remove as many friends that you don't need as possible. Mw3 and Black Ops have an in-game friends list which is constantly refreshing, and gathering information, while the normal PS3 friends list is also gathering information. This can cause frame rate drops in the game.

      4 - "PS3 RECOVERY MENU" is probably the best thing to use to improve your PS3's performance. Use these settings to stop the Hard Freeze that a lot of people have been recieving while playing Mw3 and Black Ops. Below is a guide on how to access the recovery menu and a description of what the options do.

      PS3 Recovery Menu

      The PS3 Recovery Menu or, "PS3 Safe Mode" as it is called by Sony, was introduced with the Firmware 2.50 upgrade and can be a powerful tool when you are having various difficulties with your console.

      Sony did an excellent job with the PS3 Recovery Menu. The tools it provides will give you the ability to fix corrupt system files, upgrade your firmware, restore the HD database and much more. It is a powerful tool and several features should be used with caution as they can remove all your settings, as well as all of your saved information.

      Accessing the PS3 Recovery Menu (Safe Mode)

      1 -With the system in standby mode. Press and hold the power button down until the system turns on and then off again. Release the power button. Very important to hold the power button until the console shuts off and to release the power button before continuing to step 2.

      2 -After about 1 - 2 seconds press and hold the power button again, until you hear 2 consecutive beeps. Release the power button. During this step you will actually here three beeps. There will be one single beep then a short delay followed by the 2 consecutive beeps. Only release the the power button after the 2 consecutive beeps.

      3 -You will then be instructed to plug in a controller, via the usb cord, and press the PS button.

      4 -At this point the PS3 Recovery Menu will be shown on the screen.

      Important Note
      If possible, backup all of your data before using any of these features. Any of the following features can eliminate data if they find corrupt files and, some erase data as part of their function.

      PS3 Recovery Menu Options

      1 -Restart System

      This option boots your system as normal without changing any settings or files.

      2 -Restore Default Settings.

      Restores all default settings on the PS3 for networking, clock, video, etc. For a full list of the restored settings you can look under settings> system settings > restore defaults on your console. This should not eliminate your game saves or other saved content, including your user login.

      3 -Restore File System

      This will rewrite the files the PS3 uses to boot. This feature will help if files have become corrupted and are not allowing the console to boot as normal. This should not erase any of your saved data or settings.

      4 -Rebuild Database

      This can be a usefull feature if you have lost files on your system for no apparent reason. Try using this feature to see if it can restore those files. This will also rewrite corrupted files within the database, potentially eliminating future issues. This feature should not erase any of your saved data or settings.


      This will restore your system to original including, formatting and erasing all of the data on the HD and returnig all system settings to default. This will not take your system back to a previous Firmware release. Use this option as a last resort, unless you have nothing on the console that you want or you want to erase everything on the console, do not use this option.

      6 -System Update

      This will allow the user to update their console with new firmware via a Flash drive or other portable media. This will not allow you to update via an internet connection. This can usefull if your system has become corrupted to the point you can not boot. You will need a portable media device with the correct firmware and in the correct file structure to complete the upgrade.

      The two settings to use are "Restore File System" and "Rebuild Database".

      Restore File System: - Checks for corrupt/missing system files.(Note: will always tell you that your PS3 is corrupted and needs to be restored so don't worry)

      Rebuild Database: - Rebuilds the OS for the PLAYSTATION®3.

      Using these two settings will really speed up your PS3 and fix annoying errors that have to do with corrupted files. I use these two settings every few months to get my PS3 into optimal speed. Rebuilding Database does not delete any data, but File System will delete some useless unimportant data(Playlists), it will tell you everything it deletes before you use it.

      By doing all of this your PS3 will be fully optimized.

      Please go to part 2

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      Information On Improving PS3/Online Performance (Part 2)

      Configuring your router.

      Networking For One PS3: Go into the router and find where you can assign a static lease(IP-Address). Assign your PS3 an IP subnet 10 away from the starting subnet. So if your router's IP address starts at, then you want to assign your PS3 Set your PS3's network settings to automatic, and if your PS3 recieves the assigned IP address then your good to continue on.

      1 - Disable the SPI Firewall on the router.(This decreases security on your network, but it is recommended by Sony because less security means less problems with connecting to hosts and servers.)
      2 - Put you PS3's IP address or MAC address in the DMZ(Opens all ports for PS3) Recommended
      3 - Enable UPnP in the router.
      4 - Set your Nat Type to Open, or Endpoint Independent.
      5 - Go to Special Applications and Open all ports on router. By entering 1-65535 Both(UDP and TCP) for Firewall and Trigger ports.
      6 - Go to Traffic Shaping and give your PS3 the highest priority.
      7 - Go to Inbound Filter and and set to allow all addresses from internet by using (Start) to (End)

      All of the above settings if done correctly, will ensure you connect to hosts, and and don't get that dreaded "Downloading Game Settings" issue that doesn't go away. After these changes check your NAT type in Mw3/Black Ops, and it should say OPEN if not check your settings in the router.

      Networking For Multiple PS3 Systems: Do all of the above settings, but put one PS3 in the DMZ, and leave the other alone. Remember when you port forward, your giving all that traffic from those ports to one IP address or PS3. So never port forward when using 2 PS3's in the house. Give both PS3's different static leases, and give each the same Priority. Make sure the PS3 in the DMZ has UPnP disabled. UPnP is an application thats automatically port forwards, the PS3 in the DMZ does not need this on. The second PS3 should not be port forwarded, because then the PS3 in the DMZ would fail to connect to the ports. The second PS3 should just have UPnP enabled, and make sure it says available in the Network Status.

      If you do all of the above information right, you should not have any problems with your Connection, or PS3, but if you still are and you still have issues with Mw3 or Black Ops or any other game, then it is not your fault, the problem is on the games end, or the settings you entered are incorrect.

      More things to try if you still have issues.

      1 - Go into the GAME DATA UTILITY and delete the gamedata(patch) for Mw3 or Black Ops. Everytime your PS3 freezes it can cause what ever files it was accessing at the time to become corrupted. So when you try to play the game again the PS3 has a higher chance of freezing due to the currupted game data.

      2 - It is possible that your save data could have become corrupted, and could be causing your PS3 to freeze as well, I know many of you do not want to delete your save data, so just copy it to a flash drive, and then delete the save data on the PS3, to see if your gamesave was causing the problem. If not just copy your gamesave back on the PS3.

      3 - When a new patch is released don't download and install it until you manually go into the "Game Data Utility" and delete the older Update Data for BO, after you delete the old patch, then install the new one. This will eliminate the new patch having problems overwriting the old patch, which could have resulted in freezing the PS3.

      Changing your MTU setings.

      This is the latest tweak i have found and it has given me the best results below i will show you how to find your best MTU setting and how to apply to your pc/router and ps3.

      Step 1: Find your MTUFrom an elevated Command Prompt in Vista/Windows 7 or the same elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8 enter the following command:
      netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces

      You should get something like this
      MTU MediaSenseState Bytes In Bytes Out Interface---------- --------------- --------- --------- -------------4294967295 1 0 13487914 Loopback Pseudo-Interface 11500 1 3734493902 282497358 Local Area ConnectionIf you are using Ethernet cable you will be looking for “Local Area Connection” or “Ethernet”. If you are using Wireless you will be looking for “Wireless Network Connection”. The MTU is in the first column.Step 2: Find out what it should beIn the Command Prompt type:
      ping -f -l 1472

      The host name should be a site you can not reach, -f marks the packet as one that should not be fragmented the -l 1472 sets the size of the packet (1472 = Ethernet Default MTU – Packet Header, where the Ethernet Default MTU is 1500 and the Packet Header is 28 bytes)If the packet can’t be sent because it would need to be fragmented you will get something similar to this:
      Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set.Keep trying lower packet sizes by 10 (i.e. -l 1460, 1450, 1440, etc.) until you get a successful ping request. Raise your packet sizes by one until you get a “Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set.”. The last successful value plus 28 will be your MTU value.In my case a packet size of 1430 succeeds but 1431 fails, so 1430 + 28 = 1458.Step 3: Set your MTUNow you have identified the interface you need to change and the ideal MTU for you, now it is time to make the change. Again from an elevated Command Prompt type the following replacing my MTU of 1458 with your own value:
      netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1458 store=persistent

      Or if you are using a Wireless connection:
      netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Wireless Network Connection" mtu=1458 store=persistent

      How to add to you pc.

      NOTE: Make sure you enter the new MTU setting in your router aswell, just refer to you manual or look online.

      To change or set a new MTU value, execute the following command:

      netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=nnnn store=persistent

      Where “Local Area Connection” (including quotation marks as there is space in the name) is the name of the network connection on the computer, which is shown in the listing of network interfaces available. Common network connection name for Wi-Fi access is “Wireless Network Connection”.

      In addition, nnnn should be replaced with numeric value of the preferred size of MTU, with minimum of 576 for IPv4 and 1280 for IPv6. Note that if a value greater than the dynamically-determined MTU, the system uses the value of the dynamically-determined MTU instead. Thus, change of MTU is normally to reduce and reduce, but not to increase, the size of the MTU.

      If you want to change the MTU for ipv6 network interface, change the ipv4 in commands above to ipv6.

      After the change, reboot and restart the computer for the change to take effect.

      To verify the change of MTU has been successfully saved, use the following command:

      netsh int ip show int

      Which will return the response similar to the following:

      Idx Met MTU State Name
      --- ---------- ---------- ------------ ---------------------------
      1 50 4294967295 connected Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
      12 20 1480 connected Wireless Network Connection
      15 5 1500 disconnected Local Area Connection

      The following command also works:

      netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces

      Replace ipv4 with ipv6 if necessary. The command will return the response similar to the following:

      MTU MediaSenseState Bytes In Bytes Out Interface
      ------ --------------- --------- --------- -------------
      4294967295 1 0 15216 Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
      1500 1 27058054 26391727 Wireless Network Connection
      1500 5 0 0 Local Area Connection

      How to set MTU in ps3.

      Just go to your internet connection settings and find where it says MTU change from automatic to manual then enter your optimal MTU (The one you entered on your pc).


      Thanx to DEXTER1992 and RICHARD-SLATER for parts of the guide
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