i did have a connection of 7-9 mbps down and 0.72 up and a ping of around 30-80 ms ping .
it didnt lag once untill connction testing begun and they put my connection to 7mbps down and 0.8 up and there speeds got crappier.
i then recieved 5-6 mbps down and 0.3-0.5 up and a ping of 55-127 ms ping wich only gave me 3 bar and hosted at a 3bar. so i rung up sky and got the gamer profile and here are my speeds now: 7.5-8.5 down and 0.52 upload and a ping of 31-66 ms ping. ive noticed while being on the gamer profile my internet download is capped at 10 mbps down wich is fine as my line struggles to get 9 but my upload is capped at 604 kbps wich is if im honest crap for hosting and in a previous forum i was told to expect speeds of 1.1 mbps upload. please note i tried gaming wireless and wired but speeds stayed the same (xbox 360) and the game is cod i also tried ps3 and a different xbox 360 but stilll same results.

this is what im on now the concern is the upload it can i achive more but if i change profile will i still lag this is what i want sky to look into.

adsl link-------------------------downstream------------------- ​ upstream
conection speed---------------- 9643 kbps --------------------604 kbps
line attenuation -----------------39.0 dB---------------------- 23.1 dB
noise margin --------------------- 6.9 dB---------------------- 16.7 dB

all i know is it went downhill when sky did connection testing i want them to redo what they did during connection testing i mean something more than a speed change has happened here.
but if theres nothing they can do can i uncap my upload speed on a gamer profile or not.
i would get fibre optic but its not in my area yet but just down the street sky have got fibre there so i dont see why they put it at my postcode i know 2 people round at my postcode that use sky and maybe more that i dont so it would be convenient to get it installed. Virgin did it and i didnt have on complaint for their service when i had it.
all this has wanted me to move only thing keeping me and not for long is the t.v.