Hi, I've been with Sky Broadband Unlimited for a few months now and not had any problems until now, I regularly play my Xbox on Xbox live and don't have any problems but I went away for 2 weeks and come back and I'm now having problems, I can connect to the internet fine on my laptop but when I sign into Xbox Live, I can join parties and chat with my friends but when I go into an online game, it disconnects, not only from xbox live but the green internet light on my D-LINK sky broadband router turns itself off, this problem only persists when I tend to play a game online, I've tried changing the filter in my master socket now hoping it will change so I will try this now, I don't have any problems with the downstream of my BB as I checked just now and it's at 14000+. Would be grateful if anyone could assist me and tell me why these problem occur and if anyone is having the same problem with Xbox live? Thanks