Dear Sky user.

Recently I have been experiencing an issue where my ping would jump from 27-35ms to ~110ms then decrease back to 27-35ms when someone loads up a webpage, this issue makes online gaming a pain when someone else in the household is browsing the internet or watching a youtube video. This issue has gotten a lot worse recently and I have changed nothing.
I am connecting to the router via a homeplug, although the issue still occurs when I am directly wired.

I am using the V2 netgear router.

Statistics: Down: Up:
Connection Speed 5934 kbps 796 kbps
Line Attenuation 50 db 30 db
Noise Margin 7 db 13 db

Ping sample (

Tracert (

These pings and traceroutes were taken randomly whilst I have nothing but Firefox open, it's most likely that the ping jumps were caused by someone else in this household opening a webpage or something similar, which is what I am trying to diagnose.

There can usually be up to 10 devices connected to the router at once, both wired and wirelessly. No idea if that is relevant or not though. :P

Any help figuring out what is causing these jumps and how to fix them would be appreciated, thanks!