Hey guys, I've been in a beta test for an online game called DC Universe Online for a couple weeks and for the most part the gameplay was smooth, however as of late I've been experiencing major lag issues. I was advised by the game's support team to run a couple tests on command prompt to help diagnose the issue. Essentially I was asked to execute these commands

ipconfig /all > c:\dcuoinfo.txt

tracert lvsdco-01-01.dcuonline.net >> c:\dcuoinfo.txt

pathping lvsdco-01-01.dcuonline.net >> c:\dcuoinfo.txt

The results suggested that my router was causing a 100% packet loss to the address

4 --- 100/ 100 =100% 100/ 100 =100% te0-4-0-1.er11.thlon.ov.easynet.net []

and a 45% packet loss to the address

3 37ms 45/ 100 = 45% 45/ 100 = 45% ip-87-87-187-161.easynet.co.uk []

The customer service rep then said it was most likely to be a problem caused by my router and that I should get in touch with my isp, so of course I called sky and long story short they asked me to restart my router, which I tried several times already with no positive result but for the heck of it I tried again, and of course nothing changed. I was wondering if there was anything you guys could do to help me out?

Thanks guys