i think thats the thing when you change things for the next game it improves some aspects but sometimes other parts of multiplayer suffer and its all about getting that happy medium which bunjie have been so good at with halo,i have read in another post that the ps3 version has a fix that sorts out the connection issues

waw isnt great on regular multiplayer but it has a great extra multiplayer mode called zombies where u and your friends have to kill wave after wave of zombies with variety of guns and powerups,thegame is worth it purely for that mode oh and the single player campain mode is great too.

halo is like chalk to mw2 being cheese but it is awesome multiplayer experience, its different in that its all sci fi with alien weapons and enemies instead of the realism that mw offers but its brilliant.

none of the two are like battlefield but speaking of battlefield i am going to trade my copy of mw2 for the new one that comes out in march.

hope this is of help to you.