Hi, looking for help on how to connect to certain online games in Dawn of War 2 with Games For Windows Live.

When trying to connect to games with some of my friends a NAT negotiation error occurs and I've been trying to change my NAT status from moderate, as listed by GFWL, to open using my Sagem FAST 2504 router.

GFWL also lists UPNP as "available, not used" yet I've checked that my router is set to have UPNP enabled.

I've tried to open the following ports to change my NAT status to open but GFWL still registers my NAT status as moderate:

UDP 88
TCP 3074
UDP 3074
UDP 53
TCP 53
TCP 80

I also tried to disable all security options in setup (it's usually set to WPA-PSK)
but NAT remains unchanged.

Any help would be greatly appreciated in changing my NAT status to open and getting UPNP to work with GFWL.