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    Email spammers sink to new low

    This is a discussion on Email spammers sink to new low within the Everyday Life forums, part of the Community channel category; Looking through my spam folder today I came across a new one which stood out from the usual bank/paypal, meds ...

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      Email spammers sink to new low

      Looking through my spam folder today I came across a new one which stood out from the usual bank/paypal, meds and gambling:


      We have been sent a sample of your blood analysis for further research.
      During the complete blood count (CBC) we have revealed that white blood cells is very low, and
      unfortunately we have a suspicion of a cancer.

      Wite Blood cells 1200 Low
      Hemoglobin 12 Normal
      Platelets 19000 Low

      We suggest you to print out your CBC test results and interpretations in attachment below and visit your
      family doctor as soon as possible

      Dr.West Bennie
      How terrible is that!? As it happens I did have a blood test recently and if it wasn't for the fact that the email was sent to a non existent address at one of my domains I might be in a bit of a panic now.

      It staggers me the depths these people will sink to to try and get you to download their dodgy attachments. I really despair that there are so many lowlifes out there.

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      Re: Email spammers sink to new low

      Unfortunately there are too many of them and the Police can't be bothered with tracking them all down.

      What is worse is that the kind of punishment that I'd like to meter out for them is banned in most countries.

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      Re: Email spammers sink to new low

      I laugh at stuff like this because I haven't been to a doctor in 9 years!

      I got ahold of something the other day when I downloaded a video. Said "if you get codec error, please install included codec". So I tried playing it in VLC...which doesn't use windows codecs. Turns out it wasn't even a video file; and the "codec" was some particularly nasty piece of software that wanted to steal financial information.

      They're just attempting to prey on people who don't understand this stuff. It's like I constantly get popups to "Update your chrome browser" or "Upgrade to Flash Player pro!". I hate to think how many people have fallen for that stuff.
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      Re: Email spammers sink to new low

      Sickening! Praying on the vulnerable! My Mum who is 75 received a call from a foreign sounding person this morning saying that he could stop all her nuisance phone calls for a fee, he went ahead and tried to extract her bank details from her!! Luckily she smelt a rat and hung up, but I could tell by her voice when she rang to tell me that she had very nearly handed the details over!!!



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