Diamond Resorts International to Deploy WiFi at Six More UK Resorts - ISPreview UK
Diamond Resorts International has signed a new contract with The Cloud (Sky) to roll-out an expanded network of WiFi hotspots for members, owners and guests at six of its resorts in the United Kingdom by the end of this year.

At present the company has already deployed the service at Broome Park Golf and Country Club in Kent (England) and the next six locations will be in addition to that. Overall Diamond has 300 resorts around the world, although today’s announcement still falls a long way short of full coverage because their website suggests that the UK is home to a total of 38 resorts.

Roger Matthews, Commercial Director at The Cloud, said:

Mobile connectivity is central to all aspects of modern life be it at work, on the move, at home or on holiday. Staying online is now expected by an increasing number of consumers so it becomes even more important for them to stay connected when away from the home or office. It is encouraging to see hoteliers recognise this demand and take a step towards the hotel experience of tomorrow – one that lends itself to a visitor’s arsenal of portable devices.

Deloitte predicts that UK tourism alone will be worth over £257 billion by 2025 – the lion’s share of this will be taken by hoteliers that listen to their guests and give them the connectivity and flexibility they are accustom to
Sadly the press release doesn’t clarify whether Diamond’s new WiFi service will be offered as a free or paid service, which is important since many people who travel tend to factor wifi offerings into their choice of hotel. Likewise there’s no mention of which resorts will be upgraded, but we’ll try to find out.