I see that people are having problems setting up their Sky email account with Windows 8. I persevered with the 'Mail' program that came with Windows 8 without success.

This works without any problem:
1. Go to your Sky server and select IMAP from Settings instead of Pop
2. Download Microsoft .NET Framework from Microsoft
3. Download 'Windows Live Mail' from Windows Essentials (ignore the other offers if you don't want them).
4. Open Windows Live Mail, go to File/Options/Email accounts/Add /Email account. Fill in ' Add your Email Accounts/check make this the default email account then Finish.
5. Then under Accounts highlight your default account and click on Properties.
6. Carefully fill in all the details in General, Servers and Advanced exactly asdthey were before you upgraded to Windows 8 (or look on Sky users for the exact format and double check they are accurately entered.
7. If pop.tools.sky.com does not work use imap.tools.sky.com (windows 8 is only supposed to work with IMAP but my Windows Live Mail works with pop.tools.sky.com)

and that's it.