I posted on another thread about problems I have had with Sky and various routers and I will give brief outline here.
My original Netgear DG834G router packed in after 4 years and was replaced with a Sagem F@st 2304n. Briefly this was a total disaster and kept hanging /freezing and after weeks of all the usual Sky script (change filters, test socket etc) I got hold of a Sky Netgear DG 934g. This worked perfectly for 2 weeks. I then rang Sky and told them this and they sent me Sagem F@st 2504N to replace the F@st 2304
This also has also turned out to be to a total disaster. It is acting up in exactly the same way as the F@st 2304.
This current router will be OK for between 7 to 20 hours and the will start to hang/ freeze and then after a few minutes resynch. This will happen 5/6 times over a few hours and then settle down again for a few hours.
Tonight for example the line resynched at 5.50pm and has resynched 7 time since (as I type this it is 8.00pm) Just after 7.00pm I logged on to the router and I got the following line stats
Connection Speed Down Stream 3488kbps (My Line is capped at this)
Noise Margin 10db
Connection Upstream 800kbps
Noise Margin 10db
Line attenuation 55.5 db
Within 2 minutes my connection froze and my downstream Noise Margin was down 0.2 db.
Similar occurrences have happened at various time of the day so it is not just an evening issue. I have even had noise margins of 12.3db during the day and the line will start to act up
I have read various threads and forums and there is some conjecture that certain Chipsets in various router are not compatible with the Easy Net equipment at the exchange (my exchange is an Easy Net exchange).
I started to use the F@ST 2504 on the 22nd December and I have agreed with Sky to use it for a couple of weeks to see what happens.
I am really getting fed up with it. It seems strange that 2 different Netgear routers worked perfectly on my line yet 2 Sagem routers donít????.
There seems a few people having issues with this router are any of you guys connected to exchanges with Easy Net equipment????
Many Thank